Chet Martin

Chet has roped at brandings between southwestern Ontario and Alberta as well as started colts since his early teenage years. He took on his first paid customer colt to start at the age of 13, and has been at it ever since. In the last few years he has taken an interest in competition and has been successful in sanctioned NRHA reining and NRCHA cowhorse events. Chet has only been competing since 2014 and in his short show career has multiple top ten NRHA World titles, top ten QH Congress, ORHA Championships, and more recently several championships in futurity and derby aged events. Note from Chet- I would like to thank all of our loyal clients who have given us the opportunity to work with all of these special horses over the years, without your trust in our program none of this would be possible. For as long as i can remember all i have ever wanted to be is a horseman and horse trainer and because of all of you, this dream is now a reality. I will always strive to do my very best to develop each horse into the best partner possible. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart -Chet Martin

Amy Martin

Amy has been working alongside of Chet since they were married in 2011. She is the glue that holds the whole operation together, looking after all of the paperwork and accounting as well as cleaning stalls, saddling horses, feeding (horses and humans) and helping either at the horse shows or staying back home to look after the ones that didnt go to the shows. She loves horses and they always thrive under her care.

Todd Martin

Todd grew up in southern Ontario on his parents beef farm. His dad started colts, trained ranch horses, and they always doctored cattle and managed their herd using horses they had raised or trained. Todd has been working for Martin Ranch since the beginning and is an invaluable member of the team. He is extremely patient with young horses and has a lot of natural feel. This coupled with his work ethic will ensure this young trainers long term success. 2017 was his first year of NRHA competition and he has proven his ability to be a competent Showman as well as trainer.

Sierra Martin

Sierra has been part of the Martin Ranch team for several years now and the horses are all thankful! She is in charge of the day to day horse care, from feeding, washing, braiding manes and tails, cleaning stalls, grooming, saddeling horses, lunging, warming up horses, cooling out horses, as well as looking after things when we are on the rd. She can read horses very well and can always tell if one is a “little off” or under the weather. Sierra is very trustworthy and committed to the business and we feel blessed to have her on the team!