Here at Martin Ranch we enjoy training horses, and have successfully worked with a very wide range from putting the foundation on 2 year olds to rehabbing older horses. We have worked with high performance reining and cowhorses as well as started dressage, jumping, gaited, trail, hunt seat, pleasure, ranch and all around family horses. Our program varies based on the individual horse, with an emphasis on safety. Check below to see what some of our program includes

Reining, Aged events

We enjoy training and competing reining horses, as well as preparing them for aged events. Pictured above is a 3 year old competing for its first time at a futurity.

Futurities are specifically for 3 year old horses who have not shown before. It is very important to make sure that the first several times a young horse steps into the competition arena it is an enjoyable and low stress experience for them. This ensures that they are set up for a long and successful show career.

We take this job very seriously and do everything that we can to make sure that our futurity horses stay sound physically and mentally while preparing for and competing in these events.

Reined Cowhorses,

In Reined Cowhorse competition a horse is required to complete a reining pattern, after which a cow is released into the arena and the competitor must hold the cow at one end of the arena which is called “boxing” after this the cow must be chased down the fence past the middle marker and turned before the end marker both directions, followed by circling both ways. In aged event cowhorse competition it is split into 3 events namely- Herd Work (cutting) Reined Work (reining) and Cow Work (boxing, fence wrk, circling)

Just as in the reining it is important to develop a strong foundation through a solid consistent training program, in order for a horse to have a relaxed mindset in spite of the high speeds involved with the cow work.